Hebrews 13:3

 Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.

(Plight Of The Persecuted Editors) We want to wake up the Western Church. We are facing the worst humanitarian crises we have ever been witness to.  We can not remain silent.

Christian genocide has been declared, the Western leaders are ignoring it, the UN is silent along with much of the Western church.

We will bring you news under covered or not covered by main stream media.  Our Facebook page we’ll share news from various news sites and organizations, and our blog will give you updates from those on the front lines, those facing death, destruction and persecution.  

Human rights abuses committed by countries are increasing, wars are raging from Africa to the East, we will raise our voices concerning this.  We will give a voice to the voiceless.  We hope you will join us in speaking up, and praying for the oppressed and persecuted.  People are dying every day and sufferring oppression and persecution that is unfathomable to us in the west. 

Our blog will also provide a way for you to encourage those facing persecution, those in prison, or fleeing from death.  

We’re hoping to raise awareness through sharing and speaking out.  Will you join us?