A woman posted pictures on instagram  of severe bruises she received as a result of a brutal beating at the hands of police.  She was  coming back from a party with her friends when they were stopped by police.  They had attended a party in mixed company, and the women were charged with having an ilicit relationship, one of the women received 80 lashes because they had consumed alchohol. 

Screenshot of image posted on instagram

In her words:   I was arrested together with three of my friends for having consumed alcohol at a party. Since two of these friends were male, we were also accused of engaging in an illicit relationship because in Iran people of opposite sex who are not married can run the risk of arrest if they socialise in informal gatherings. 
One woman said of her friend that received the lashes, she was in so much pain she had to take pills to sleep, and that she only wanted to sleep to forget the trauma she experienced.

While Iran has been condemned by rights activists and even the UNHCR for its executions, and torture of prisoners, and public floggings they deny it.

Officials of the Islamic Republic have responded to criticism by stating that Iran has “the best human rights record” in the Muslim world;  that it is not obliged to follow “the West’s interpretation” of human rights; and that the Islamic Republic is a victim of “biased propaganda of enemies” which is “part of a greater plan against the world of Islam.”

In May of this year reports surfaced about 30 college students, men and women who attended a graduation party and was aressted and given 99 lashes each.  The Judiciary described the women as being half naked because they weren’t wearing head scarves and long coats, and they were dancing and jubilent.