(Plight of the Persecuted) A recent article by the Assyrian National News Agency,  points out that Iraq and Syria are in the top 7 countries persecuting Christians.  We all should be aware by now of the genocide that has taken place by DAESH, in the Middle east and Africa by those claiming allegiances to this demonic ideology.  But what caught my eye was the detailed report cited by ACN (Aid to the Church In Need)  They detailed the destabilization of this region by religious beliefs mainly Shia and Sunni.  Iran is one of those countries.  Imprisoning and torturing Christians.  They list it as discrimination.  And one thing lacking is the human rights abuses by Iran on women, political prisoners and other Muslim minorities like the Bahai.  

But they do lay out the destabilization and alliances from the Shia countries who appear to actually be a minority.  When you step back and look at the whole picture you begin to see how the Arab Spring actually destabilized an entire region.  Not as it was portrayed to people of the West. 

The Arab Spring, set 1/4 of the world into chaos and war.  And only now is truth begginning to surface for those who search.  Aleppo is a field of death and the stench reaches all the way to the US.  The West unleashed a ferocious beast, creating a massive refugee crises and slaughter of religious minorities to destabilize a region simply for greed and the re-drawing of borders.  Only the King of Jordan is calling this what it is, a religious war. 

In Iraq, crucifixions, beheadings, rape and slaughter have caused millions to flee their homeland.

Iran’s recent revitalization started by the 5+1 has further undermined stability in the region.  Casting fear instead of peace and calm.
According to the ACN’S report, in Iran as of February 2016, 90 Christians were either in prison or awaiting trial for their beliefs.  While other human rights organizations detail the arrest of women rights activists, and others who dare to call for freedom. 

Iran’s list of abuses are horrendous, Capitol punishments such as blindings, amputations, lashes and hangings top the list.

 The ACN report says that “the 20th and 21st centuries have seen the rise of radical Sunni movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt,the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia,  and Al-Queda and DAESH in Syria and other regions. This Sunni extremism has been countered by the ascent of the revolutionary Shia regime of the Ayatollah in Iran, which has indisputably exacerbated hostility between the Shia and sunni.  With the recent lifting of sanctions, Iran has become an even more serious challenger of the Sunni monarchy’s in the Middle East.”

We can’t overlook China and North Korea, and Pakistan.  Pakistan is rife with persecution of Christians.  Those who fled to countries like Thailand and Malaysia are finding that they fled into more persecution by host countries.  

We are hearing from those on the ground in these areas, like Pakistan, Iran, and Africa and the persecution has reached all time highs and all pleas for help are ignored by the UNHCR.  The UNHCR recently highlighted the abuses by Iran, but no follow up demands have been voiced  yet.  Except by a few lawmakers in the US who want Iran sanctions to be in place for 10 more years.  No calls for Pakistan to release a Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy.  No calls only silence.  Nigeria is teetering on the brink as the new leader there moves to institute Sharia law, including the blasphemy law.

Where is the voice of Humanity in this so called modern world?? Where is the voice of Humanity as the world watches slaughter and genocide and the starving of whole communities from Nigeria to Syria??