So much has happened in the destabilization of the Middle east, so much propaganda from media and Western leaders I just don’t know where to begin.  But one thing I do know is that it no longer matters who wants Assad or who doesnt, what matters is the crimes against innocent people playing out before eyes.  Maryam Rojavi recently tweeted this and I agree!

The war in Syria has escalated this past weekend.  Where is the media coverage?? Hundreds killed many more under rubble and even more waiting to die, like the child Bana Alabad @AlabedBana  crying from rubble and darkness via Twitter and the West is SILENT!!  God forgive us for turning away in the face of evil!!  Very little coverage.

And some are saying that there are those using inflated numbers to justify US involvement.  Some are saying that tweets from innocent people there are fake.    Again I don’t know but I know as long as innocent people are sufferring something has to be done.  It seems the only thing Western Media wants to report is gains against Assad, or inflated reports of gains against rebels.  While they decipher who is good and who is bad innocent children and people are dying!!

Many, many more are tweeting about the escalation of destruction and death in Aleppo.  Many are calling out for help.

The King of Jordan has called for unity among Christians and Jews, to defeat ISIS.  He has said the war in Syria can’t be won without Russia, He said that Syria may not be able to wait until Jan 2017 for Trump.  Putin said in a recent article that he isn’t waiting he’s pushing forward.  I don’t know what is truth and what is propaganda anymore.  But I do know that the world MUST INTERVENE ON BEHALF OF THE INNOCENT PEOPLE!

Please use your voice to speak out.  Share the stories and cries for help.  Tell lawmakers ENOUGH!  Put away politics just once and help these people!!   Tell them we want the truth!  We don’t know what or who to believe any more, and we want the truth!  Yes we can handle the truth, no more lies.