As I read an article from Pakistan Christian Post this morning it hit me, and hit me hard.  The article was describing the blatant discrimination and persecution of Christians from Pakistan seeking asylum in Thailand.  It has been proven and seen the UNHCR’s blatant discrimination against them.  In addition to hiring muslim interpreters during their interviews who give false interpretations to the interviewer, they hide their faces while Christians there are arrested and placed in detention while paying the fines and helping the Ahmadiyya population there avoid detention.  They give preference to them for refugee status, and have openly said that Christians do not face persecution in Pakistan.  Really?  Christians are burned alive, raped, drug through streets naked, their communities and churches are attacked and there is still a Christian woman in Pakistan awaiting death for blasphemy.  Only for taking a drink from a muslim well.  The Ahmadiyya’s are also targeted in Pakistan, but not to the extent that Christians are.  This preference is in clear violation of the UN charter.

One Ahmadiyya  made a recent video mocking Jesus, and one Christian took to a video of their own, chastising them for mocking Jesus.  No riots no burning of mosques as they do, or arrests for blasphemy, only a video asking them to stop.  And for this the UNHCR threatens to deport them for simply voicing their opinion.  A right to freedom of speech.  A right that the UN charter upholds!

(PCP) Moreover, one Protection officer of UNHCR Bangkok office calls two Pakistani Christian Asylum seekers on December 16, 2016 and threatens them that he will ask Bangkok Police to arrest them and deport them to Pakistan on recording a video about Christian faith which was being challenged by Ahmadiyya community in Toronto, Canada on December 6, 2016.  (More)

What hit me so hard, is that most in the West don’t understand the seismic shift that has overtaken the world.  This tsunami of change has enveloped the entire world.  The shift against Christians and other minorities like the Yazidi’s.  Two groups that genocide has been declared and witnessed, and ethnic cleansing from Africa to the East.  Yet the very watchdogs put in place by the World in 1948, the watchdogs responsible for protecting the rights of everyone regardless of Religious beliefs, gender, or ethnicity have clearly violated their own charter that world leaders placed in their care.  Who is watching the watchers??

It became clear that this tsunami was generated about 8 years ago, with Obama and his apology tour that began in Cairo.  It quickly grew just as a tsunami wave across Africa and the Middle East.  From Nigeria, Sudan, CAR, to Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, All of the middle East and Near East.   Obama even announced from our capital that we were not a Christian Nation, but a muslim nation, a Buddhist nation and so on.

The MSM has joined in this labeling all who complain Islamaphobes, Homophobes, and so on.  Even calling us racists who cling to our Bibles and our guns.  Telling us that deep seated religious beliefs have to be changed to allow abortion, all the while supporting those religious beliefs that it’s ok to kill your enemies.

It’s frightening to see just how much hatred there is in the world today for Christianity.  We know that we will be hated by all for our belief that Jesus is the Christ, but still if we don’t speak out to help our brothers, who will?  If we turn a blind eye as we did for 8 years what will happen??  It’s simple because the West slept and allowed a snake to creep, we have genocide and ethnic cleansing.  We have oppression and execution of all who don’t agree with Islam.  Yes we do, look at Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.  This darkness is spreading even to the watchers of the world’s human rights abuses. (UNHCR)

Again, speak out, share these stories because if you think it won’t be here full force you are wrong, where do you think it originated from??  Yes the US has blood on their hands.  The blood of innocents is crying out from the earth, and reaching the ears of God.  Speak out.  Our voices do matter, we saw that with the election this year.  Don’t go back to sleep.  Our job is only beginning. In contrast to the exiting first lady who say’s for the first time we have no hope.  For the first time in 8 years we DO HAVE HOPE.

After 911 I read an article by a major news outlet that interviewed a store owner, he said the day it occurred there was a Rabbi in his store and he made a comment that has never left me, and now looking back this Rabbi was 100% correct even prophetic.  He said that until the West understood what Islam was, we would lose this war.  Think about that.  And speak out.  Share these stories.