It has become blatantly obvious over the last few years that Human Rights Abuses by not only militants but by whole governments have increased dramatically. I for one have languished while watching the barbaric execution and slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Christians, Yazidi’s and other minorities across Africa to the East. Asking repeatedly where is the UN?

Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia are in the top 3 of countries who violate human rights. Pakistan jails religious minorities and even executes those they accuse of blasphemy, executions have increased in Saudi Arabia. And yet only silence from the UN. The migrant crises created by the wars in the Middle east and bloody rampages of Boko Haram across Africa, Al-queda, Al-shabob and the daesh, has left the UN helpless. Ignoring all torture of ordinary persons like the political and religious prisoners held in Iran. There are sickening, mind bending stories of torture at the hands of police in Iran alone. All 3 hostages recently released from Iran tell horrible stories of torture, and yet the UN is silent.

As I analyze why, I can come to only one conclusion. The system doesn’t need to be replaced, the Human Rights declaration of the 40’s is fine, but it needs to be enforced! The UN has failed as watchdog for Human rights. Torture of any kind is wrong. When reports of torture surfaced from the US, I was horrified, this makes us no better than those committing crimes.

I think the world has grown callous with images of crucifixions, beheadings, amputations, rape, hangings and other heinous capital punishments as well as the images of bombed out countries and civilians especially children, have calloused the world’s collective soul. When government leaders turn their eyes to the death of civilians and view hundreds of thousands of deaths as collateral damage, the heart of humanity has gone cold and callous.

An article by the BBC that highlights the fact we are entering a “Post Human Rights world” quotes a Doctor from MSF, he said That To Accept torture, seige, Deprivation Or War Crimes As Inevitable Is OK Is Horrifying And He Wouldn’t Want To Live In A World Where That Is The Norm.

I agree with him and have written on this cold calculated view of collateral damage for greed and power many times.

But if we are to shout about Human Rights, let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water so to speak, how about we ask the UNSC and the UNHCR to do their job. Enforce the declaration already in place. Cut aid and membership to all member states that refuse to sign the declarations already in place. In a modern world why is 1/4 of the world committing Human rights abuses that rival the dark ages. A better question might be Why is world leaders accepting this as normal?? So to those who condemn criticism of the UN, I say fix the system!