Maryam Naghash (Nasim) Zargaran is finishing a 3 1/2 year prison sentence in Iran.  Imprisoned for her work with Saeed Abidini in underground church’s and orphanages in Iran.  For this she is an enemy of the state.   She has only a few months to go, but she is still suffering.  

Her family says she is strong in her faith in God, but she is tired.  Depression takes a hold at times.  She asked me once, “will anything ever be the same?”  I send encouraging prayers to her, and pray for God to strengthen her.

Her prison term has taken a toll on her family also.  Stress has caused illness and anxiety.  She has had severe medical issues with her heart at times, and has received 2 reprieves for care.  Each time the regime added months to her original sentence.  She should be out by now.

All Christians are suffering in Iran, forced to go underground just as the early church did, they hunger for fellowship and worship, but it’s few and far between.  They ask for God to bring open Doors to the churches there again.  This is my prayer also.  There are many Christians in Iran being tortured and imprisoned.  Pray for them also. 

Her family has asked that we remember her and her family in your prayers.